Netball club is run for both Primary and Secondary pupils. In Primary, the children are introduced to the basic skills of the game and are given time to hone these skills during match play. In Secondary, the pupils are introduced to more complex skills and drills. They are often given the opportunity to be involved in tournaments both within and outwith school.

Football club is run for both Primary and Secondary and gives students the opportunity to practice their skills and match play. This activity often involves tournaments which builds on the skills learnt in lessons. This is also the time for teams to practice for upcoming events.

Basketball is available for both primary and secondary, and it as opportunity for students the put the skills they have learnt into competitive situations. The focus here is on team play looking at skills, tactics and the rule set.

We are very fortunate to have built up an excellent partnership with Nuevo Nivel Tennis club who send us a specialist coach on Tuesday afternoons to work with our primary students. The club is open to students from Year 2 to Year 6 and does incur an additional small cost.