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Letter From Head,10th September 2021

Dear Parents,
I hope you have all had a good week! It has been great to welcome 91 new children to our school and it is wonderful to see our returning students welcoming them into our school community.

King_s College Murcia-Headteacher

The buddy system is working well, thanks to our parents for supporting their children with this. We have spent time settling the children and ensuring everyone is happy and likes to come to school.
Our website has been updated and we have had some small issues with information, apologies for this. All school menus for September are on the website now.

New teachers
I am delighted to inform you that Mr Morter-Laing will receive his visa next week and will be in school at the end of next week. He has been teaching online this week. Mr Staal is still waiting for his visa and we hope he will join us very soon.

Building work update
The new Theatre is beautiful and certainly everyone I have taken down to see it has been very impressed! “Wow it's like a cinema!” said Year 7. The Sixth Form Common Room is almost finished, I will post some photos next week.

If your child is going to be late or absent from school please send an email to and the tutor of your child. A full list of tutors and their email addresses are on the Parent Portal.

Online Learning
The expectation of King’s College is that all of our students will come to school for face to face learning. If there is a valid reason for online learning permission must be sought by email from the Headteacher. Please note there will be no refunds in the case of online learning.

School Counsellor
We would like to remind you that Jorge, our School Counsellor, is here to look after our community’s wellbeing. He can help students understand and manage their emotions and interpersonal relationships, as well as support parents whose kids are having a hard time. If you think your kids could benefit from talking to Jorge, please encourage them to reach out to him or do it yourself.

How to contact him:
- Parents and pupils Y5 and upwards can email him at
- Pupils of any age can tell a teacher that they want to talk to Jorge and they will let him know.
- Pupils can visit him during certain times of the day at his office on the first floor, next to the ICT room. Due to COVID safety measures,
Primary pupils can visit Jorge during the afternoon break and Secondary pupils can visit him during the morning break.

We want to keep any changes to a minimum on the buses because of the COVID Delta variant and keeping the children safe. Changes should be made ONLY in an emergency. Also, if your child is not traveling on the bus, please let the reception know by 3pm.

Back to school Meetings
We have started having meetings virtual and face to face in the MPRoom. Thank you to all parents who have attended.
Next week there are meetings for Years 8,9,10 and 13.

Enjoy your weekend!

Dawn Akyürek