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King’s College Murcia provides ongoing online education to over 500 pupils despite the

The rapid response of the school has enabled students to attend virtual classes online in the usual school timetable

King's College Murcia-Virtual Classrooms-learning

The rapid response of the school has enabled students to attend virtual classes online in the usual school timetable

King's College Murcia, a member of the Inspired Education Group, responded immediately to the temporary closure of schools in the Region on 16th March by implementing an unprecedented online learning programme. The experience gained by the group's schools in Italy has facilitated the launch of a digital platform that includes virtual classes, video tutorials and direct communication systems with teachers.

The 519 students of King's College Murcia have been able to continue their lessons as the school delivers the curriculum to their students through an online programme during regular school hours, a llowing them to "attend" virtual classes and interact directly with their teachers.

This is possible thanks to the impressive online education system created by Inspired, which has already proven to be successful in a number of schools in 10 countries around the world, where almost 25,000 students are currently following this learning platform.

This virtual system has been tailored to meet the specific needs of each school in order to keep delivering the curriculum and provide effective communications between parents, teachers and students. The online programme, launched as a result of the hard work of a team during a period of three weeks, includes virtual lessons, video tutorials, daily exercises and group discussions, and is provided during regular school hours from Monday to Friday, in all educational stages. Students have access to the same online learning platforms that they are already familiar with, hence it is easier for them to adapt to the new procedures of online study.

“Despite these difficult times, we will be able to continue offering our students the academic excellence that they benefit from at school, but from home. This is reassuring not only for parents and students, but also for the teaching staff as a whole. We are strongly committed to the education and well-being of our students, which we will still follow up online”, says Stefan Rumistrzewicz, Head of King's College Murcia.

Additionally, Inspired constantly monitor and review the system with the support of their schools' teaching staff in order to ensure the adequate functionality and stability of the programs, both technically and academically.

“The impressive, efficient and supportive way that we have faced this difficult situation is definitely a testament to the efforts made by the whole school community. On the one hand, locally, our teachers, staff, families and students have cooperated admirably. On the other hand, being part of an international education group has provided us with the resources and expertise we needed to achieve our goal”, explains Elena Benito, COO Europe and Managing Director for Spain of Inspired group.