Congratulations to all of our students on their outstanding A level results! These are the best results we have ever had and we are immensely proud of our teaching team and students!

Well done!

— Dawn Akyurek, Headteacher King's College, The British School of Murcia

The time I have spent in King’s College is unforgettable. During the 4 years, I’ve learned effective methods for independent study, especially when I first started in the school for me to fit into the new environment better. In sixth form I received advanced education from the science department. We have done all possible practicals for the course and the teachers have helped me to understand theories better, achieving unexpectedly high grades in exams. During university selection, teachers helped me by suggesting suitable courses linked to my subjects and predicted grades. Together we decided Material science as the final choice. I also received help to prepare for the interview which taught me strategies to answer certain questions. This made me feel confident and prepared for it and I passed the interview, receiving an offer. It was impossible for me to achieve this without such great support and I appreciate it with all my heart.

— Ashley Li , Course (Materials Science and Engineering) University ( Imperial College London, UK)

Being able to form part of an international environment in school has helped me gain confidence when having to talk with people I’m not used to. Such an ability will help me especially as I’m about to study European Law and expect to go through a similar experience. I think that from all the classes I’ve taken at King’s I’d have to highlight those that involve languages e.g French since the teachers encourage you to communicate in said language which apart from massively improving the target language has also helped with my confidence when having to talk in public, something that I’ll find of great use during my career.

— Célia Canovas , Course (European Law) University (Maastricht, Holland)

I've received an incredible amount of support at KCM from all my subject teachers, department heads and Dr O'Brien, especially this past year when I decided that I wanted to continue my tennis and academic careers in the USA. The application process was long but all this support made such an important year successful.

— Sasha Evdokimova , Course (Businees, plus Tennis Scholarship) University (Norfolk College, USA)

Congratulations IGCSE Class of 2021 on their excellent results

Resultados exámenes

Congratulations to our GCSE students; you have done exceptionally well under very difficult circumstances. The overall pass rate of 96% and 59% 9 to 7 is incredibly impressive. We are looking forward to welcoming the large majority of you back to continue your educational journey into A level. A big thank you to our supportive and dedicated teaching team.

Well done everyone.

— Rhiannon Williams, .Head of Secondary King’s College, The British School of Murcia