Fostering Development

Our main goal is to foster student development so that each individual reaches his or her full potential in every aspect of school life. The academic rigour of the classroom, adapted to suit the age and maturity of pupils, is complemented by a wide range of enhancement activities within and beyond the school, and standards of teaching and learning are regularly monitored throughout the school.

Our teaching and learning strategies are reviewed regularly.

Teaching staff access training materials from accepted best practice in other parts of the world. Informative marking of work and our monitoring system ensure that pupils achievements are carefully noted and additional support or extension work is given where necessary. Reports to parents and regular teacher-parent consultation meetings add a further dimension to the high quality monitoring of each individual pupil’s progress.

Academic success is underpinned by positive relationships with staff and other pupils

We stress and encourage positive relationships at all levels of the school. Our pastoral care arrangements and the Personal, Social and Health and Religious Education programme encourage pupils to discuss a wide range of issues, appropriate to their age, and to develop an understanding of current events and issues.

By challenging pupils to strive for excellence we achieve exceptional examination results. 

Similar challenges are given in extra-curricular activities, for example the International Award (Duke of Edinburgh Award), sport, music and drama. Many of our pupils participate enthusiastically in these activities. Modern technology is harnessed to add further challenges to academic classroom work.

One of our key objectives is to develop inquiring minds in our pupils, leading to an independent approach to learning with a wide range of research skills. 

The broad curriculum of the Primary years gradually becomes more focused as pupils move through the Secondary years towards final examinations in their chosen subjects. The result of this is an excellent foundation for Higher Education in the world’s best universities.