King’s College Murcia has been rated as “outstanding” in every category in the latest inspection of the school by PENTA International

PENTA International, accredited by the British government, published its last report in October 2022 and concluded that King’s College Murcia “provides a very high quality of education and care for its pupils. The leadership provided by the head teacher, deputy head teacher and other senior leaders is excellent. It allows and encourages the highest standards of academic attainment. Teaching is excellent. The personal development of pupils is outstanding. Behaviour is exemplary and learning is a process that the pupils really enjoy”.

King’s College Murcia is the only school in the region that is regularly inspected by an external BSO approved inspectorate.“We are now the only ‘Outstanding’ school in the area and, in fact, in the Región de Murcia,” said Dawn Akyurek, Headteacher.

About PENTA inspections

PENTA International is a body approved by the British Government for the purpose of inspecting schools in England and overseas.

As such, PENTA International reports to the UK’s Department for Education (DfE) in regards to the extent to which schools meet the relevant Standards for British Schools Overseas (BSOs).